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Since 1994, ZIARNO Association is the publisher of the local newspaper "Wieści znad Wisły”. It not only describes the local events, but all locals have the opportunity to comment on its pages, as it was created for and by the local community. It is available online HERE.

Our project publicatios available in English:


Project "Teaching Organic Literacy in Grundtvigian Style" (2017-1-PI01-kA204-038786) funded by the European Commission under the programme Erasmus+


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Project "Building Key Competences and Folkhighschool Pedagogy in XXI Europe" (2014-1-PL01-KA200-003642) funded by the European Commission under the programme Erasmus+


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The album "We save the world" THE BUMBLESNOUTS SAVE THE WORLD was created thanks to the funding of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation under the "Eglish Teaching" project.


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Agroecology Guidebook is a result of BAG (Bridging Generations in Agroecology) international project.


All of our publications (in Polish and other languages) you will find HERE.








Ecological and Cultural Association ZIARNO

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phone: +48 606 805 900
e-mail: ziarno@grzybow.pl

Funded by the European Commission under the programme Erasmus+, The Velux Foundations and The National Freedom Institute – Centre for Civil Society Development under The Civil Society Organisations Development Programme.

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